Welcome to Legal Professional Corporation Hikari Sogoh Law Offices


Dear Visitors to Japan,

We, Legal Professional Corporation Hikari Sogoh Law Offices provide legal consultation for both sort-term and long-term visitors to or in Japan, accepting multiple payment methods. You can use your credit cards.

(Practice Areas)
We provide legal consultation on wide range of legal issues; not only on personal issues such as divorce, real-estate lease issues, and visa (residential status), but also business issues such as labor disputes, intellectual property, and M&A, as well as internet libel and IT troubles.

Our practice areas are:

Corporate Law/compliance
M&A/business restructuring
Labor law/human resources
Business turnaround
Financial law
Corporate lawsuits
Fight against Minbo
Intellectual Property
ICT/privacy law
International legal service
Civil litigation
Criminal Defense

James Dougherty, our English-speaking U.S. national lawyer who is admitted to the Japanese Bar will hear your situation and advise you on your legal standing and options.

Depending on the matter you wish to discuss, another lawyer with expertise on the issue may also join the consultation to provide advice, but this will not incur additional fees.

Please first contact us first by phone or email and make a reservation to visit our office in Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Phone number 03-3597-8702
Email address fujiwara2322@hikari-law.com

(Legal fee)
Our fee for legal consultation is 200 US$ per hour, which can be paid by either cash or internationally accepted credit cards. We will ask you to pay for the first hour when we start our consultation, and ask you to pay for additional hours (if any) at the end of consultation.
JCB Card
American Express Card
Diners Club International Card
Discover Card
※Provided through Rakuten Pay

We do not handle consultation through email. You can send us email explaining you situation or attaching relevant documents beforehand and request for our prior review, but we will be charging you at the same rate for prior research.

If the consultation leads to drafting contracts or other legal papers, or representing you in a case, we will execute a separate retainer agreement. The fee will be charged either by the hour, or by retainer fee (Chakushu-kin) and success fee (Seikou-houshu) model, depending on the nature of the case.

We are looking for your contact to our Legal Professional Corporation Hikari Sogoh Law Offices.